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BugHunting is a challenge for participants with the aim for them to try the daily work of a package (or open-source project) maintainer. This is done by participants getting a broken code, along with a bug report, and them submitting the code fixes (= Task).

The purpose of every task is to find the bug, and fix it in the code. Your solution is evaluated in real-time after you submit it, and you score points if your solution is correct. Some of the issues are artificial and were created only for the Challenge, while some are real-life issues.

Watch a Quick Introduction on YouTube

BugHunting introduction for Red Hat Open House

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Bughunting organization

Bughunting is organized as a single session with many tasks with various difficulty. More difficult tasks are for more points. We advise you to start with the easier ones, as more advanced tasks can be quite tricky.

Tasks are available in a container that includes all required dependencies to build and run the tasks, see “About environment setup” below to learn how to pull and run the container.


  • You’ll get the Codename in our session, use this to sign into http://bughunting.cz where you will get instructions on how to pull and run the container.

  • Each task has an entry on http://bughunting.cz, where you can read more about instructions on how to build the task, what is the problem, how to reproduce and what is the expected behaviour.

  • Points are awarded upon correct solution.

  • The solution can be a dirty fix, but you must not break the basic functionality of the application.

  • Tasks have hints to help you find the issue. Each time you uncover a hint, the system lowers the maximum number of points you can get for the task.

  • Winners are announced at the conference end.

How to submit your fix

To submit the task for verification, run the command hunt in the terminal, inside the task directory in the container. You can submit every task as many times as you want.

hunt check warm_up

In detail

About environment setup

How to submit a task

Where are tasks located

What do the commands on the welcome screen do

Questions and Answers

Do you have an idea for an interesting task?