Solve tasks

You need to have the container running.

Now, the following commands are run inside the container:

  1. You can list the directories with tasks:

    [bughunting] $ ls
  2. For working on a task, you need to be inside the task directory

    [bughunting] $ cd warm_up
  3. Edit the source code

    If you’ve bind-mounted the tasks, you can edit the task files, as any other on computer. Use your favorite IDE / text editor. We recommend Notepad++.

    As an alternative, you can edit the file either inside the container (Press CTRL+X to exit the nano editor):

    [bughunting] $ nano

    Or you can edit the file in your bughunting-tasks directory on your host.

  4. Then the solution can be submitted for evaluation:

    [bughunting] $ hunt
  5. You see immediately whether you scored or not:

    OK: You gain 1 score points.