What the commands on welcome-screen do?ΒΆ

For reference only. Please use the commands provided in web interface.

  1. Pull the container.

    docker pull quay.io/bughunting/client

    Pulling the image may take some time, for the first time. Subsequent runs will be faster.

  2. Prepare an empty working directory, which you will bind-mount into the container:

    mkdir bughunting-tasks
    cd bughunting-tasks

    And also enter the directory. The tasks will get installed into this directory.

  3. Run the container, bind-mounting the bughunting-tasks directory into the container.

    docker run -e KEY=???? -dt -v"$(pwd):/home/bughunting/sources:z,rw" --name bughunting quay.io/bughunting/client

    While also inserting KEY into the container.

  4. Enter the running container:

    docker exec -ti bughunting zsh